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The Guild

Founded in 2016, The Guild of European Research-Intensive Universities is a consortium of 19 universities in the European Union seeking to develop new and innovative models of cooperation in research and education. Guild members recognize that a Europe united on these fronts will be more capable of responding to the economic, political, and social challenges of the future and to determining their solutions. Headquartered in Brussels, the center of E.U. governance and discourse, the Guild lobbies European educational policy, contributing a cohesive and influential voice in pivotal policy debates. Université Paris Diderot represents France's excellence in higher education and research within the Guild.

Through the commitment of its members for collaborative exchange in research, innovation and public engagement, the Guild will set new standards for the effectiveness of a university network externally, and for each member's access to policy and research funding opportunities. (Founding Vision)

Member institutions

The Guild draws strength from the shared capacity of its member institutions to the collective benefit of the organization, and to the individual benefit of each member. 

Aarhus UniversityUniversity of BernUniversity of BolognaGhent UniversityUniversity of GlasgowUniversity of GöttingenUniversity of GroningenJagiellonian UniversityKings's College LondonUniversity of LjubljanaUniversité Catholique de LouvainUniversity of OsloUniversité Paris Diderot • Radbound UniversityUniversity of TartuUniversity of TübingenUppsala UniversityUniversity of ViennaUniversity of Warwick 



Paris Diderot is part of a leading European alliance

Creating an alliance of European universities that places pedagogical innovation and the links between research and teaching at the core of their mission: this is the ambition of six universities with common strengths and a shared ambition

The Guild Summer School 2019 - The call for applications is now open!

The First Guild Summer School for Ph.D. Candidates will be hosted by Université Paris Diderot from 6-13 July, 2019.

The Guild: Sharing Viewpoints on Erasmus+

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The Guild: Research and Innovation

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