International students
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Housing in Paris

Paris is one of the most expensive cities in the world and find an accomodation to rent is a long process. Do not underestimate this and start your research as soon as Université Paris Diderot has accepted your application. Please remember that a rent in Paris is around 900€ per month : you must take this into account before you consider any kind of mobility


Keep the following points in mind :

  • Rents are expensive ;
  • Competition is tough, you are not the only one looking for an accomodation ;
  • Owners are really demanding and financial guarantees are high ;
  • There are many online scams : be careful and never pay in advance if you never visited the accomodation and signed a rental agreement.


PhD students and exchange students can get an accomodation in two public institutions (CROUS and CIUP).
Every student accepted at université Paris Diderot also can use our housing platform, managed by our partner Studapart, that link students and verified private owners.

Résidences étudiantes du CROUS

CIUP's student household

Recherche de logements dans le privé