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The Guild: Sharing Viewpoints on Erasmus+

As the fundamental policy framework supporting cross-border educational mobility within the European Union, Guild members continously enage on how, together, they can better meet Erasmus+ objectives.  Through their exchange of ideas and experience, members lobby for cohesive policies that reflect the needs and goals of European higher education. Key measures pursued by the Guild emphasize future-focused educational innovations in Europe.  

Looking Ahead

The new Erasmus programme will be launched in 2021, with significant implications for the future of the European Union.  

  • What ideas and perspectives does the Guild foresee for this initiative?  See here

The Guild

Founded in 2016, The Guild of European Research-Intensive Universities is a consortium of 19 universities in the European Union seeking to develop new and innovative models of cooperation in research and education. Guild members recognize that a...

The Guild: Research and Innovation

Supporting funding for European research and innovation are central to the Guild's mission as advocates for the future success of European research-intensive universities. This drives their commitment to promote the adoption of new research and...